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BGHIVIS Anti-Vibration Mechanic Glove

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IMPACTO® BGHIVIS Anti-Vibration Mechanic's High Visibility Air Glove®. Full finger style provides maximum hand protection. Reflective strips on the back with bright fabric and glow in the dark wrist cuff enhances visibility. Helps prevent Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome (HAVS) and White Finger Disease. Utilizes patented Air Glove® technology in the palm, fingers and thumb. Meet ISO 10819 standard.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Sold in sizes S - XXL
 Glove Size Hand Size Hand Circumference (Inches) Hand Circumference (Centimeters)
Small 7 7 - 8 18 - 20
Medium 8 8 - 9 20 - 23
Large 9 9 - 10 23 - 25
XLarge 10 10 - 11 25 - 28
XXLarge 11 11 + 28 +


  • This product meets the strict European safety guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment
  • Gloves are in compliance with EN 420 General Requirements for Gloves
  • Gloves are in compliance with International Anti-Vibration Glove Standard ISO 10819 and North American Anti-Vibration Glove Standard ANSI S2.73-2002 (R 2007)/ISO 10819:2013
  • Gloves are in compliance with EN 388 - Protective Gloves Against Mechanical Risk. Numbers identify the performance level for abrasion, blade cut, tear, and puncture resistance respectively

Impacto Anti-Vibration Protection

Impacto anti-vibration air gloves reduce vibration energy transmission to the palm and fingers. Non-permeable polymer bladder with multiple individual air chambers provides effectiveness that won't degenerate. The soft, flexible bladder is designed to conform to the flex-lines of the palm and fingers helping to maintain tool control. The multiple air chambers construction of the Air Bladder ensures long-lasting wear that won't bottom out. The Air Bladder helps prevent job-specific impact and vibration hazards in the workplace. 

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