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825-00 Hinged Hard Shell Knee Pads

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825-00 Hinged Hard Shell Knee Pads bend with your knee to provide superior protection while you work. The ribbed surface helps prevent slipping while the flat kneeling face offers stability when working on your knees. The 825-00 has form foam padding and a breathable CoolMax® lining to keep you cool while you work. Double elastic straps are attached with a hook and loop closure and are double stitched and back stitched for reinforcement. 825-00 kneepads are an excellent solution for industrial, assembly, manufacturing, warehousing, and construction applications.

  • Protects from cumulative trauma injuries
  • The hinged-action shell bends with your knee
  • Provides stability when working on your knees
  • Lightweight feel, all-day comfortable wear 
  • Made with 100% PVC free materials
  • One size fits all


  • Knee pads are certified as per EN 14404+A1:210 for penetration resistance, force distributions, shock absorption, and are approved for working in a kneeling position.


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