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The IMPACTOE™ is a safety footwear device that protects the toe area. Ideal for any working environment that carries a risk of accidental toe damage or has a steel toe cap requirement.

Designed to fit tightly over existing shoes, providing a solid steel cap to protect the toes against accidental crushing or stubbing.

Effective, simple and resilient, the IMPACTOE is a perfect solution for toe protection. Perfect for visitors, temporary workers, management, clerical staff and salesmen.

The IMPACTOE is transferable from person to person without concern for hygiene or size restraints.

Recommended for use in any industry, especially construction and heavy work environments. Anti-slip sole is perfect for greasy or oily surfaces.

  • Made of TPR, a molded injected seamless vulcanized rubber
  • Sole is made with unique flat and textured material for improved slip resistance
  • Overshoe is resistant to acid, oil and animal fat
  • 100% waterproof
  • Will not harden, stiffen or crack, even in the coldest weather
  • Pull-on-tab and wide shank for true slip-on entry to provide stretch
  • 100% PVC free to help protect the environment
PART NO. Dot Colour N. America M
N. America W
Pink 5.5 - 6 7 - 7.5
XS Grey 6.5 - 7 8 - 8.5
SMALL White 7.5 - 8 9 - 9.5
MEDIUM Yellow 8.5 - 9.5 10 - 11
LARGE Red 10 - 11.5 11.5 - 13
XL Blue  12 - 12.5
XXL Green 13 - 14

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